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The mountains of Cache Valley are notorious with Sasquatch sightings. Recently, Animal Planet filmed on location in Logan, Utah for their "Finding Bigfoot" series in an attempt to locate and document Sasquatch. Unfortunately, Animal Planet was not able to find Sasquatch as part of their investigation.

So we set out to find Big Foot for ourselves. Through the use of night vision surveillance, camera traps, aerial drone monitoring, and a bit of luck we found Sasquatch hidden deep in Logan Canyon.

In exchange for not revealing his secret location, Sasquatch has agreed to make an appearance at this years MAN vs MUD event! So be prepared to run... and run fast, because you never know which part of the course you'll encounter Big Foot.

You can view the full Animal Planet episode at http://youtu.be/kM5MmwmnzLk.







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