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"MAN vs MUD is an absolute blast! It was the funnest thing I've ever done and I can't wait to do it again!" - Jennifer H.

"I'm so excited for MAN vs MUD!!! I'm running it with several friends and it's going to be a riot!"  - Tyler A.

Youth (ages 10 - 16) can register for only $15.

KIDS vs MUD (Youth 10 and under) Registration.

Not afraid of getting dirty are you? We didn't think so. That's why we've designed the coolest mud run course in Cache Valley you'll ever run. MAN vs MUD is filled with awesome obstacles that will have you crawling, jumping, diving and sliding all over the place as you stomp the mud in this amazingly fun obstacle course! This fun filled 5k is not only good for your body, but also good for your inner child as you take on the mud in this unique fun-filled race.

And you'll roll too, once you get in a filthy mucky mess, so are you ready to get dirty!? This IS the most fun you'll ever have running! Without a doubt, we are bringing fun to the next level with the Man vs. Mud 5K Challenge! You'll jump, slide, crawl, stomp, and muttle through lots of filthy fun obstacles. And bring the kids, it'll be their dream come true when they get to slip-n-slide in the KIDS vs MUD course!

The MAN vs MUD event helps support the American West Heritage Center, a non-profit organization devoted to celebrating and preserving the heritage of Cache Valley as well as the Child & Family Support Center, a non-profit facility that offers tools and support services to assist parents in our community in successfully raising their children.

KIDS vs MUD is back for 2015 and better than ever. Get your kids ready for the muddiest fun of their lives! The KIDS vs MUD course will be a blast as your kids will slide, slip, climb and dip through the funnest obstacle course they have ever seen! They will get muddy, and messy, and also take home a unique prize!

The KIDS vs MUD course is not a race, but an obstacle course that your kids ages 3-9 will be able to go through as many times as they’d like. Parents/guardians will need to stay nearby to help their child as needed. Please understand that the kids course is not a baby sitter for your children while you run the race.

It’s time to get your mud on.

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